Benevolence Healing Arts & Gresham Community Acupuncture

Benevolence Healing Arts offers Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine to the Portland & Gresham Metro. Japanese Meridian Therapy, Pediatric Tuina & Shonishen, So Tai Ho, East-Asian Herbal Medicine, and nutritional guidance are implemented to gently harmonize each client's physical and mental well being. 

Our Gresham location also offers community acupuncture on a sliding scale basis. $20-40 per treatment and you choose what is right for you.

Why 'benevolence'? Benevolence is a virtue relating to grace and a willingness to do good in one's community. The Chinese characters represent 'man' and the number 'two' denoting reciprocity between neighbors and one's ability to stand upright in the world.  Benevolence is a virtue described in the Chinese classics as an unconstrained evolutionary journey of all things from earth towards heaven (i.e. one's full potential). The nature of benevolence is symbolically much like a tree, rooted and firm in the ground, yet with it's branches rising up and bending gracefully with the wind (obstacles to our health) when appropriate. We are here to assist each client overcome the obstacles and realize their full health. 


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Benevolence Healing Arts LLC



6504 NE Siskiyou Street 

Chi Wilburn L.Ac

Private Sessions

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 9-5:30

6504 NE Siskiyou Street 

Portland, Oregon 97213




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Benevolence Healing Arts LLC &

Gresham Community Acupuncture


317 NE Roberts Avenue

Forrest Wilburn L.Ac & Chi Wilburn L.Ac

Community Sessions

Monday & Wednesday 1:30-7pm

 Tuesday & Thursday 9-3pm

Friday 1:30-6pm

Private Sessions

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

By Appointment. Please call to schedule. 


317 NE Roberts Avenue
Gresham, Oregon 97030